Getting your hair transplant done in Pakistan as an international patient may be of convenience if you are familiar with the culture, have been there before, or live in a neighboring country. Otherwise, the country can seem to be challenging for first timers.

In this article, we will look into where Pakistan stands regarding the country’s efforts to grab a piece of the cosmetic and medical tourism pie. We will touch base with all that you need to know, so read on if you are about to get on the hair transplant cruise to uplift your life quality and vibration.

Hair Transplant Costs in Pakistan (in USD)

Average hair transplant cost in Pakistan

The cost of a hair transplant in Pakistan can vary significantly depending on a range of factors specific to the country. On average, the cost of a hair transplant in Pakistan could fall within a range of PKR 150,000 to PKR 400,000 which translates into US$ 500 to $ 1400 depending on the quality, facility, and expertise of the surgeon.

How much do 2000 hair grafts cost in Pakistan?

For around 2000 hair grafts, the cost might range from approximately PKR 150,000 to PKR 250,000 which makes around US$ 500 to $900. Do keep in mind that internationally recognized medical equipment used in hair transplants is made in Europe and it is all a little blurry with this type of pricing.

How much does 3000 hair grafts cost in Pakistan?

If you were advised to undergo a 3000 graft hair transplant, the cost could fall within the range of around PKR 200,000 to PKR 300,000, making roughly US$ 700 to $1000.

How much does 5000 hair grafts cost in Pakistan?

The price might be around PKR 300,000 to PKR 400,000 when it comes to a 5000 graft hair transplant, translating into the US$ 1000 to $ 1400 range.

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What impacts a hair transplant's price?


1. Clinic Facilities & Reputation

The quality of the clinic’s facilities, including equipment and amenities, can affect the cost. Modern and well-equipped facilities might come with a higher price tag.


2. Geographical Region

Different regions in the world and even within a country might have varying costs due to differences in economic factors and competition.

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3. Surgeon's Expertise

Highly experienced and skilled surgeons may charge more for their services. Their expertise often contributes to better outcomes and results at a higher price.

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4. Number of Grafts

The primary factor influencing cost is the number of grafts required. More grafts mean more time and effort which leads to a higher overall cost.

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5. Technique Used

The choice between techniques like Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) can affect the cost. FUE is generally more expensive due to its meticulous individual graft extraction process.

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6. Additional Services

Some clinics offer comprehensive packages that include accommodations, transportation, and post-operative care. These extras can add to the total cost.

What qualifies a clinic as the top hair transplant facility in Pakistan?

A top hair transplant facility in Pakistan should combine experienced medical staff, advanced techniques and tools, patient-centered care, transparent practices, and a commitment to quality outcomes.

Patients should be able to trust these clinics to provide them with the highest standard of care and the best chance of achieving their desired results.

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How to finance a hair transplant?

Once you are confident that you’ve found the best price/performance destination and hair transplant clinic to cater to your personal goals, you’ll notice that all-inclusive packages offer the most convenient options.

Financing a hair transplant in New York will differ greatly from a safe and affordable hair transplant package in Turkey. Depending on the destination of your choice, you may not even have to think about how to finance the procedure.

But how is hair transplant in Turkey compared to Pakistan?

While both countries offer a range of clinics and skilled surgeons, there are notable differences in terms of cost, technology, expertise, and what feels like a relaxed, hassle-free overall experience.

Turkey has a mature medical tourism industry and is well-prepared to cater to international patients and thus, has become the global hub for hair transplants. Pakistan’s medical tourism infrastructure is developing but may not be as comprehensive. Turkey has garnered more international recognition for its well-established clinics, experienced surgeons, and the world’s highest success rates in hair transplants.

Average Hair Transplant Costs in Pakistan vs Turkey

What extras are available in Turkey?

Other than unmatched expertise and success rates, reputable clinics in Turkey take advantage of the country’s long-standing tourism experience. They are very successful in creating seamless experiences aiming to turn a non-invasive medical procedure into an enjoyable journey.

In Turkey expect a hair transplant package to include luxury accommodation, VIP transfers, a goodie bag, all pre and post-op health checks, medications, and even an interpreter upon request

How affordable is Turkey?

Turkey ranks as the best price/performance destination for hair transplants worldwide. While there may be other options cheaper than Turkey, the country offers almost the impossible in terms of quality, service, equipment, and expertise.


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Is Turkey more affordable than Pakistan?

It is a relative comparison of what you get. In numbers, Pakistan is cheaper. Again, you should do your own research to get a feeling about which destination suits you best. Pakistan may feel too different for first-timers whereas Turkey offers a standard European feel with a cultural twist.


In summary, the cost of a hair transplant in Pakistan can vary, ranging from 500 to 1200 USD. However, considering the proven track of record and lower transportation expense, Turkey stands out as a global leader in hair transplants, offering competitive prices, established clinics, and a comprehensive medical tourism infrastructure.

Turkish clinics often provide all-inclusive packages with luxury accommodations and extras. The choice between Pakistan and Turkey depends on your priorities, with Pakistan offering affordability and Turkey providing a more convenient and luxurious experience at fair costs. Make an informed decision that suits your needs when embarking on a hair transplant journey.