While explaining the reasoning behind traveling as a great option to get a hair transplant, we will focus on a particular destination that has become a hair transplant paradise, namely Turkey.

Read on if you have been hearing about Turkey’s great reputation, why Turkey is famous for hair transplants, and what the hype is all about.

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Why is Turkey particularly popular for hair transplants?

Other than its uniquely positioned location bridging Europe and Asia, Turkey used to be best known for its kebabs and turquoise beaches along the coastal line of the large peninsula. Little did we know that Turkey has always been a frontrunner since the emergence of the term medical tourism, slowly making its way to the top.

Why travel to Turkey for a hair transplant?

In 2022, Turkey has over 20 years of intense experience in treating millions of patients from all over the world, especially in the branches of hair transplant and cosmetic dentistry.


Reason #1 - The Physicians: Turkish surgeons are shown among the best

Is it that perhaps the ancient route to search for medical wisdom hasn’t changed since Noah Gordon’s best-selling novel The Physician, later made into a film? Or did the Turks successfully merged their know-how in hospitality and medicine?

The reason why Turkey is home to some of the greatest hair transplant surgeons in the world is conceivable because becoming a doctor in a populated country like Turkey guarantees reputation and wealth. There’s also fierce competition among surgeons who dedicatedly follow up on medical technologies, new research and keep building on their skills.


Reason # 2 – The Price Advantage

Any reason why anyone would pay more if they could pay less for the exact same procedure?

Turkey has an unbeatable price/quality advantage when it comes to geo-arbitrage. Top-notch clinics that offer matchless customer service employ specialist surgeons with thousands of hours of experience and god-given skills. The team at a popular hair transplant clinic in Istanbul gets paid well from surgeons to technicians and patient assistants and yet the cost of a hair transplant procedure is very affordable compared to the West. An average person who lives on an average wage anywhere in Europe, the USA, or Australia can comfortably afford a hair transplant in a top clinic in Turkey.

If you have been a little suspicious, asking why are hair transplants so cheap in Turkey, this is exactly why. As always, be wary of the too cheap and the too good to be true. Remember that there are also different segments of quality and pricing within the same country.


Reason # 3 – The Package and the Ease of Mind

Determined to fill in the bald areas on our scalp with lush, youthful hair, clinics in Turkey offer seamless packages that include all of your airport-hotel-clinic transfers, luxury hotel or private accommodation of your choice, and more. They are simply professional.

The secret recipe that makes Turkey so successful in providing excellent medical journeys is also the natural friendliness of everyone involved in hospitality. Helping a foreigner out or answering a question of a guest is something most Turks will go out of their way for. It is worthy to read the many online reviews of international hair transplant patients in Turkey who mention that the whole experience exceeded their expectations. It is just a fact that nothing beats these magic words…

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Should I go to Turkey for a hair transplant?

Do your own research and understand the reasons why Turkey is the top destination for hair transplant operations. Take your time to read online reviews, hover over online consultations with a few clinics, and don’t be shy to ask questions. After all, you want to feel confident that you are on the same page with the clinic regarding your final decision, and able to communicate clearly.

A handful of hair transplant clinics in Turkey also specialise in afro-type hair transplant, known to be much harder to harvest due to curling roots. Remember that you can also request to communicate with ex-patients or ask if the clinic can provide an assistant who speaks your native language. Don’t let a life-changing opportunity go to waste if you’ve been wanting to find a permanent solution for your hair loss.

What to do before or after the operation in Istanbul?

If you’ve made your final decision to live life to the fullest by undergoing a hair transplant procedure in Istanbul, wait a moment before you book your flights. The reason being is that you may want to add at least a few days to the beginning or the end of your hair transplant schedule, to make the most of this magnificent, unique city to turn the whole thing into a full journey.

Istanbul is not only a popular tourist destination with interesting museums, history, culture, food and art but is also home to some of the most important examples of architecture.

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Places of Interest

In Istanbul, you will find that the historical peninsula itself is an open-air museum.

Strolling through the streets of Sultanahmet, you will notice Yerebatan Sarnıcı (The Basilica Cistern), famous for upside-down Medusa heads while hosting classical music concerts with its unique acoustics.

Among the top-rated tourist attractions are also Hagia Sophia, Süleymaniye, Kariye and Blue Mosque, the double-decker bus, Bosphorus hop-on/hop-off cruises, and of course The almighty Grand Bazaar.

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As the center of quality textile with lots of internationally known brands getting their garments manufactured in Turkey, Istanbul offers one of the best shopping opportunities in the World.

Both Turkish and international designers showcase their collections at fair prices. No doubt that there’s certainly something for everyone in Istanbul to shop for, be it clothing, shoes, bags, leather goods, handmade pottery items, carpets, beachwear, and more.

Nişantaşı on the European side and Bağdat Caddesi on the Asian side of the city offer street and Mall shopping suitable for all tastes.

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The Art of being a Gourmet Traveller

Way beyond the kebab and Turkish tea, Istanbul has a recently established gourmet scene with award-winning Turkish Chefs opening restaurants that offer a different take on their grandmothers’ recipes.

Pushing the boundaries of traditional flavors with modern gastronomy, fine dining restaurants such as Aman da Bravo, Aheste, Turk, and Mürver will sweep you off your feet to come back for more.