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The human body is a superior design gifted to each one of us. Among the many wonders of our bodies comes physical pain; it is a crucial aspect of human biology and evolution, serving several important functions that contribute to the overall well-being and survival of living beings. While it might seem counterintuitive, pain is a protective mechanism that has evolved over millions of years for various reasons.

However, when it comes to surgical interventions for our bodies, pain is something we want to minimize, manage, or avoid altogether. Procedures at the skin level such as hair transplants utilize the numbing effect of local anesthesia typically administered through multiple injections but the thing is that not everyone tolerates needles. Therefore, alternative solutions were developed to assist individuals with a higher sensitivity to pain and those associating needles with fear or extreme discomfort.

In this article, we invite you to explore something that’s considered a revolution in hair transplants. If you are curious to learn what a needle-free hair transplant is, who it has been developed for, and if it’s worth a little extra cost for a hair transplant experience to avoid pain, keep reading.

But first, let us first briefly explain how a modern-day hair transplant works in order to better understand the added value created by novel devices.

How Does a Hair Transplant Work?

Although there exist a few different techniques to perform a hair transplant, the idea is to move hair around from where it is plenty to where it is lacking. Hair from your own scalp (called donor area) is needed to do that and this means that entirely bald individuals are mostly uneligible.

In some cases, body hair can be used on the scalp but this depends on a number of factors. We must also mention that the graft take was shown to be much lower in body hair transplants sitting at 75 to 80% compared to scalp hair transplants at 95% and above. It still means that a graft absorption of 75% is a respectable success rate and will provide significant coverage in balding regions.

fue-hair-transplant-process Since 2010s, the most preferred hair transplant method is called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). This technique provides the surgeon with artistic flexibility to create natural results because individual hair follicles are extracted one by one and implanted wherever you want them. This precise process ensures natural-looking results, minimal scarring, and thus a quick healing time.

Despite being a labor-intensive technique, patients can find amazing price/performance value in today’s competitive environment, depending on where they choose to go.

3100 grafts hair transplant before and after result - blonde hair

Is A Needle-Free Hair Transplant Possible?

To start with, the goal of a needle-free hair transplant is to perform a full hair transplant procedure without causing the same level of discomfort compared to conventional needle-based anesthesia.

Acknowledging the desire for a more comfortable experience, some clinics offer a hybrid approach. This involves combining needle-free methods for certain stages of the procedure to minimize patient discomfort while maintaining the reliability of conventional ways.

This means that a needle-free hair transplant is possible and yet the traditional method is still regarded as medically more stable. Nevertheless, the comfort level of pain sensitive patients can be improved when both methods are combined.

When asked, the majority of people who suffer from hair loss find that getting a hair transplant is a positive experience. No one in their right mind expects a surgical intervention to be completely painless. After the transplant, painkillers can also assist with the short-lived discomfort.

Painless needle free anesthesia application before hair transplant

At Which Step Needle Is Generally Used?

Different from general anesthetic, which can be administered through an inhaler alongside an IV, local anesthesia is often injected locally via needles.

Needle use is therefore primarily needed in the initial stage of a hair transplant procedure. Anesthetic injections are administered to ensure the patient’s comfort during the extraction and implantation processes. Local anesthesia application provides excellent local pain relief and optimal hair transplant prepping.

What Is Needle-Free Anaesthesia Injection?

It has been discovered that the needle-free anesthesia method is quite helpful for intolerant individuals who get very stressed out about the use of needles. However, most procedures involving needleless jet anesthesia call for additional anesthetic.

An application of local anesthetic that doesn’t require needles is called a needle-free anesthesia injection, often referred to as a needle-less or painless injection. This novel technique does away with the need for needles by using pressure or air to push a thin stream of anesthetic through the skin. This can greatly lessen the pain that comes with getting an injection of anesthesia.

The newly developed technique makes it possible to inject the anesthetic under the scalp using pressure. Think of it like a different application form of a topical skin cream that makes your skin numb.

Unlike traditional needles, the needle-free injection device only sends the anesthetic 0.15 mm deep into the scalp. In contrast, it is 0.39 mm in a typical syringe. When extracting your donor hair, a special punch tool is used and it goes down deeper than 0.15mm to extract the hair with its root. A hybrid approach of using both the needle-free device and conventional anesthesia is therefore recommended.

Is Hair Transplant Painful In General?

It is undeniable that in comparison to conventional needle-based procedures, needle-free anesthetic reduces the pain and arguably unpleasant experience related to needle injections. Hair transplant is not an entirely painless surgery, though. Because anesthetic solutions are used throughout the procedure, patients may still feel some pain and discomfort, depending on their pain threshold.

Remembering that the shortlived pain caused by local anesthesia saves the rest of a few hours long hair transplant procedure is important. No matter how long your hair transplant surgery goes, after proper administration of local anesthetics, you will not feel any pain.

Is Needle-Free Hair Transplant Painful?

As we explained above, just like topical numbing creams, the goal of the needle-free element of the operation is to lessen pain for the patient while the local anesthetic is being administered. Although there may still be some discomfort, the needle-free method greatly reduces the pain and anxiety related to the early injections.

What happens there is that the anesthetic solution is injected into the scalp during a needle-free hair transplant procedure using a jet injection device, which has a special nozzle that produces a high-pressure stream of medicine. This enables the anesthetic solution to effectively numb the skin layer that has to be treated by penetrating the scalp’s outer layers and reaching the underlying tissues that creates a less painful experience during conventional anesthesia application.

Can Hair Transplant Be Done Without Anesthesia?

Although it is technically possible to execute a hair transplant without anesthetic, the patient would have to endure pain for many hours for no operational advantage. Without the numbing effects of the anesthetic, the treatment would be not comfortable for the patient and the surgeon, lasting for hours.

For those dreaming of a more pleasant hair restoration procedure, needle-free hair transplants present a possible substitute. While combining needle-free and conventional techniques might offer the best of both worlds, speaking with experienced experts will guarantee that the choices you make are well-informed and customized to your unique requirements.

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