We can’t choose how long we live but we can definitely change our looks and achieve a naturally younger, more youthful appearance.

Some of us are facing baldness or excessive hair fall from a relatively early age, usually due to hereditary reasons. The bitter truth is that a 28 year old can look at least ten years older when suffering from baldness. The wonderful news is that it can be fixed easily and effectively at a low cost.

Are hair transplants worth it?

A hair transplant is probably the easiest, most efficient and permanent way to fix undesired hair loss-related appearance.

If you are overweight, you have to make an effort to lose weight by introducing exercise programs and a long, healthy, limiting diet into your life. And if you are balding, all you need to do is to choose a great hair transplant clinic, do your research to be informed about the procedure and get your hair back in a day.

It’s not just the magic of waking up with lush hair though. Say you’ve been paying $30 at the minimum for your hair cut or shave/grooming once every 3 months at the barbershop. That’s $120 per year and $7200 over a humble life of sixty.

Would you still think twice and ask if a hair transplant is worth it? Now you know that you can get a hair transplant done for a fraction of what you spend at the barbershop.

Do hair transplants look real?

Hair transplant technology has evolved a lot and most methods used by surgeons today do not leave any scarring or a clue that you have had a hair transplant done as long as capable hands conducted the procedure and you take good care of the operated area.

Are hair transplants obvious?

During first few days post-transplant, it’s quite obvious. You shouldn’t be wearing a hat or a scarf to avoid contact with the freshly transplanted hair grafts. However, isn’t it okay to take a week off work and spend some time by yourself until your scabs are gone?

In a couple of weeks when your scabs are gone, this is no longer the case. Depending on your age and healing time, in 6 to 12 months you’ll have forgotten that you were once balding. That’s why hair transplant is one of the fastest cosmetic interventions that leave no scar with easy post-procedure care. Probably, even your hairdresser cannot tell that you had a hair transplant; it’s not obvious at all!

Do hair transplants look natural?

The answer is generally yes if the expectations of the patient is realistic. After complete healing, your hair grows naturally from the newly transplanted roots. It’s almost impossible to tell the difference in someone who has had a well-planned hair transplant. It is the fastest and most natural-looking way to fix each and every stage of baldness.


Disadvantages of a hair transplant

You may not look your best self due to minimal swelling and dried blood on your scalp for couple of days
You’ll need to take care of your scalp, use the medical creams and shampoo advised by your surgeon for at least 2 weeks
You’ll need to have a break from intense exercise for a month
You’ll try to be patient, waiting for your hair to grow for at least 4 months.

Advantages of a hair transplant

It is the most efficient method to fill in the balding areas on your scalp permanently
It is the fastest way to look at least 10 years younger in less than 12 months
It costs much lower than you think at destinations where surgeons specialize in hair transplant operations, especially in Turkey
It is a natural way to still look yourself. Because it is your own hair that is transplanted to you, the texture and color of the hair match your existing hair
If you compare how you felt before your hair transplant and how you feel after, you’ll see that nothing compares to it. It isn’t always the case to feel our best and be more confident through a simple and cost-effective procedure.

When should I get a hair transplant?

Depending on your age and where you are at on the scale of baldness, consult a professional to see if it’s the right time for you to get a hair transplant. As a general rule, it isn’t advised to wait until it’s too late because you are going to need some of your own healthy hair to be transplanted into balding areas.

The top destination offering the best price/quality deals right now is Turkey. The country has been preparing for a long time with solid infrastructure and skills training. Turkey still offers extremely competitive prices for hair transplants at ultra-luxury clinics by experienced surgeons. Grab it while it lasts!