Hair transplant holiday in Turkey

Hair transplant is a widely accepted treatment for restoring hair on a thinning or bald scalp. It is also the safest procedure for improving the density of hair. [1]

Although the hair transplant procedure is safe and does not cause any serious side effects, there is a minimal risk of swelling, infection, and inflammation in your treatment area. That’s why patients are often curious to know if they can have a holiday after a hair transplant surgery and whether this could affect their results.

This article discusses how to take care of your hair and scalp while on vacation and the important things to remember about your daily activities during your holidays to protect your treatment areas.

Can I Go On A Holiday After a Hair Transplant?

Yes, you can go on a holiday after a hair transplant, although you need to follow certain precautions and remember a few things to take proper care of your treatment area.

Things to remember on holiday after a hair transplant

If you are planning to go on a holiday after a hair transplant, here are six things to remember to protect your scalp and the newly grafted hair so that you can avoid any side effects or complications.

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Sun exposure

Excessive sun exposure, including sunbathing, is not recommended for the initial few weeks after a hair transplant.

The scalp has several incisions after a hair transplant. Sunlight exposure after hair transplant could cause damage to the deeper layers of the scalp tissues and delay the healing process. As a result, you may develop scarring. Exposure to UV radiation in the sunlight may also put you at risk of damaging the hair follicles.

Hence, it is important to avoid or minimize sun exposure for at least 2 weeks after a hair transplant.

If you want to go out or sit in the sun, you can wear a loose wide wide-brimmed hat that does not rub much against the scalp. You should also apply sunscreen to the scalp until the incisions have completely healed.

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Most of us love to jump into the pool first thing while on vacation. However, this favorite vacation activity is best avoided when you have had a hair transplant recently.

Chlorine in pool water is harmful to the transplanted hair. Hence, it’s advisable to wait until your scalp has completely healed before exposing it to harmful chemicals in order to prevent the potential damage of the new grafts.

Swimming after hair transplantation is not safe even in the sea and other natural waterbodies as they are likely to have harmful microorganisms and toxins that can damage the hair grafts and even cause infections.

It’s recommended to avoid swimming at least 10 days, if possible 30-45 days after hair transplant.

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Sauna/Steam room

You must avoid entering heated environments, such as steam baths or saunas, for 1 month after your hair transplant surgery.

These warm environments can delay the healing process and make you vulnerable to infections.

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Physical activity

You can introduce gentle exercise, such as walking, after about 10 days of your hair transplant. You may start or resume contact sports or weight training about four weeks after the surgery.

However, you must avoid any form of strenuous physical exercise before this period because sweating can cause damage to the grafted hair follicles. [2]

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Potential infections

The initial few days after a hair transplant are the most critical due to the potential higher risk of infections. Hence, during your vacation, you must protect your scalp and transplanted grafts against exposure to dust, dirt, and germs to avoid infection. You should also avoid visiting crowded places and areas of high temperature and humidity. [3]

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Aftercare becomes more important if you are in a holiday. You can follow theses aftercare tips: Take appropriate precautions to protect the recipient and donor areas, especially when you go in water for swimming. Make sure you do not forget taking medications. Consider requesting the room service of your hotel to change the pillow cover everyday. Keep your head covered while venturing out, especially when the weather is too windy, to avoid dust settling on the scalp and hair.

Is It Better to Go on Holiday Before My Hair Transplant?

Both a pre-hair transplant and a post-hair transplant vacation can offer a great way to ensure a safe and smooth recovery. A short vacation before the procedure can support healing by creating a sense of mental and physical relaxation.

A post-transplant vacation can be helpful if you want to hide your operation and avoid meeting your friends or colleagues during your recovery.

Is it okay to get a hair transplant in the summer?

The best time to get a hair transplant depends on your readiness for the procedure. Since mild variations in temperature do not have any significant effect on the hair transplant results, it is generally considered safe to undergo this procedure in summer.

Best Holiday Destinations to Visit in Turkey Before or After Your Hair Transplant

Cappadocia The Nature Lover Holiday Destination in Turkey

Cappadocia: The Nature Lover

Cappadocia is where influencers from all around the world take their coolest snaps with colorful hot air balloons as their background.

Cappadocia is the world’s best hot air ballooning destination, with hundreds of balloons taking to the skies every morning during the peak season. Known for its unique geological formations, underground cities, hot air balloon rides, and unique boutique hotels, you haven’t seen Turkey if you haven’t been to Cappadocia.

Guided underground city tours, hiking trails, and horse riding experiences (the word Cappadocia means the land of horses) only add to the unique charm of this little town. Make sure you come hungry, because the traditional clay pot kebab (testi kebab) slow-cooked over hot coals is to die for.

Çeşme The Sun-seeker Beach Lover Holiday Destination in Turkey

Çeşme: The Sun-seeker + Beach Lover

Çeşme is a beautiful coastal town with turquoise waters and historic sites. Unlike Antalya and its surroundings, Çeşme is the best-kept secret of local tourists with cute boutique shops, mezze, and wine houses. Easy access from Izmir Adnan Menderes airport makes Çeşme all the more appealing.

Among the most popular Çeşme attractions are wind and kite surfing, visits to nearby historical sites such as Ephesus and Teos, the ultra cute and hyped town of Alaçatı, boutique vineyard hotels, and numerous festivals and music events. Çeşme is for those who want to avoid the all-inclusive tourist concept and dive into the beach-boheme aspect of the local culture. On the local delicacies front, from sea fennel with olive oil and garlic to salt-cured fish, your taste buds will party in Çeşme.

Istanbul The Culture Tourist Holiday Destination in Turkey

Istanbul: The Culture Tourist

Although not the capital city, Istanbul is the most vibrant metropolitan in Turkey and surroundings. Featuring iconic landmarks like the Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, and the bustling Grand Bazaar, one week won’t be enough even if you want to see just the premium sites and museums in Istanbul. From dawn till dusk, you can stroll the streets of this ancient city where some neighborhoods offer an open air museum vibe.

The rich culture and history that make Istanbul a unique melting pot is best observed by sitting at a roadside coffee shop and watching locals. Istanbul is a love affair not only for its residents but also for most first timer tourists. Wider work opportunities attract locals from all corners of the country to Istanbul and thus, one can find the food and traditions of Anatolia in one place.

Gaziantep The Gastro Tourist Holiday Destination in Turkey

Gaziantep: The Gastro Tourist

Renowned for its mouthwatering and diverse cuisine, including baklava, künefe (sweet pastry prepared with a special kind of local cheese), kebabs, lahmacun, and içli köfte (kibbeh), Gaziantep is the place to be for foodgasm.

Gaziantep cuisine is one of the most celebrated and distinctive regional cuisines in Europe and the Middle East. From pistachios to cattle meat, and spices, are all sourced locally and are of exceptional quality. In 2013, Gaziantep cuisine was added to UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Title or no title, it is an ancient city where kind and friendly people live who also happen to be very selective about what they eat. Why not join them before or after your hair transplant to elevate your energy levels?

Bodrum The Party Traveller Holiday Destination in Turkey

Bodrum: The Party Traveller

Once a laid-back coastal town, Bodrum is now a lively resort with a buzzing nightlife, vibrant beach clubs, luxury yacht marinas, and party boats. If you want to experience Dubai vibes without the price tag, Bodrum is the place to be. Bodrum town is a large peninsula and offers a wide selection of beaches. The majority of Bodrum beaches are under the management of professional beach clubs where high-quality food and cocktails are offered. These beach establishments also have you covered with sunbeds, umbrellas, and the coldest beer in the country.

Bodrum feels like home to high vibration addicts of all ages. It’s where the music never stops and the fun never ends. Bodrum has its own airport with the ticker BJV and is accessible directly from most European and Turkish airports.

Hair Transplant Holiday: Frequently Asked Questions

It is better to avoid direct sun exposure for at least two weeks after your hair transplant. You should also apply sunscreen (with a minimum SPF of 30) for about four months after the procedure. You may want to use a loose fit hat when going outside.

The average waiting time to wear a hat after a hair transplant is around a week. However, some hair transplant experts recommend waiting for at least three weeks to one month to prevent harm to the transplanted hair follicles.

Also, you may wear a loose-fitting or wide-brimmed hat a few days after a hair transplant, although for a short duration, such as when you are going out in the sun.

Flying after a hair transplant does not dimish the success of your results but it may worsen the swelling in your scalp due to changes in the cabin pressure. If you want to avoid it, you can fly 7 days after your hair transplant.