Hair Transplant Turkey vs Germany

A hair transplant procedure is a surgical intervention that results in natural hair regrowth. It may sound like a regular cosmetic procedure, but the youthful change in the appearance of hair on a person’s head is reportedly life-changing. Regardless of where you decide to get your hair transplant done, your surgeon has to carefully plan out your hairline design and the procedure itself, in order to achieve successful and long-lasting results.

This guide has been prepared for you so that you can compare Germany and Turkey in their ability to perform a hair transplant.

Germany is a home for giant medical technology firms including high-quality surgical instruments. Turkey, on the other hand, is an importer of German-made med-tech. Despite the undeniable fact that Germany is more resourceful in medical research and technology, Turkey remains the number one international destination for hair transplants and dental work.

Let’s compare hair transplant in Germany and Turkey and outline the reasons why providing a specialized service which is a fusion of different qualities differs from creating the technology itself.

1. Costs in Turkey vs Germany

Hair Transplant Costs in Turkey vs Germany

It doesn’t take much effort to guess that the cost of living in Germany and Turkey is different. In comparison to Turkey, the cost of living in Germany is more than 200% higher on average. On the list of the most expensive places worldwide, German cities come in the top 50, while Turkish cities are not even in the top 100.

The cost of living in a country doesn’t only apply to food, rent, clothing, and social spending but also to medical expenses. Despite Germany having a well-established and working medical system, a hair transplant is not a part of the deal so patients who wish to regrow their lost hair will first need to book an appointment with their bank manager. The cost of a hair transplant per graft starts at EUR 0,7 in Turkey whereas in Germany it’s EUR 1,75 on average.

In Turkey, due to the same reason of living and medical costs being much lower, cosmetic procedures are economically more accessible. In fact, so accessible that the cost of a hair transplant surgery in Germany costs more than getting it done in Turkey, including luxury accommodation and flights.

2. Surgeons in Turkey vs Germany

Hair Transplant Surgeons in Turkey vs Germany

Germany has a great education system indeed and that includes the field of medicine. However, harvesting and transplanting hair grafts is a very specific area for a surgeon in Germany.

In a direct correlation with the cost of a hair transplant, Turkish surgeons certainly get to practice more, and we all know that practice makes perfect.

3. Medical Expertise in Turkey vs Germany

Hair Transplant Expertise in Turkey vs Germany

Again, transplanting hair requires narrowed-down surgical expertise. It is the type of expertise that is baked through patience, repetition, skill, and know-how.

Communication with your surgeon is therefore extremely important. They will listen to you and your needs before suggesting what can or cannot be done to set realistic expectations.

The surgeon must also be very experienced in designing hairlines. This type of expertise is more likely to be found in Turkey rather than in Germany.

4. Hair Transplant Results in Turkey vs Germany

Hair Transplant Results in Turkey vs Germany

A hair transplant is regarded as the only treatment for hair loss that actually works. Hair transplant before and after pictures are promising in both countries and the success rates in both Turkey and Germany stand at 85+%, the highest success rates in the world.

As mentioned above, the number of hair transplant procedures performed in each country differs from each other. Thus, Turkey’s success rate with thousands of more hair transplants performed every week leaves that of Germany in the shade.

5. Safety in Turkey vs Germany

Overall Safety in Turkey vs Germany

Germany and Turkey’s homicide rates are far below the average in the World. Homicide rate in Germany is only 1 per 100,000 people and this number is 2 for Turkey.

Thus, both countires are pretty safe, especially in touristic areas.

6. Tourism in Turkey vs Germany

Tourism in Turkey vs Germany

Disciplined and unflexible, German culture comes across as a little too upfront for many. Thus, an understanding of hospitality, an important aspect of medical tourism, may not exactly be the strongest aspect of Germany’s strengths.

Turkey, well-known for its rich history, culture, cuisine, and arts is, however, one of the top countries in tourism and hospitality. Famous for being the birthplace of the Babylonians, Assyrians, Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans, and Turks, the country has so much to offer that it’s impossible to see and do everything in one go.

Turkish people are also among the most hospitable by nature in the world. This has helped the country’s international reputation as a top travel destination.

7. Travelling to Turkey vs Germany

Travelling to Turkey vs Germany

Road, train, and air travel are available to travel to both countries. Surrounded by water all around, Turkey is also accessible by cruise ships and other forms of sea transport. However, this is only limited to the northern shore in Germany.

Your travel time and comfort will of course depend on where you live in the world. The majority of hair transplant clinics in Turkey offer all-inclusive packages that include luxury accommodation, VIP transfers, lab tests, a personal assistant who speaks your language, all necessary medications, and after-care.

Offering genuinely friendly customer service, clinics in Turkey put their patient’s comfort on their focus. Thus, some clinics may offer to help out with your travel arrangements or direct you to an agent that can do this for you.

This is obviously not the case in Germany. You are on your own at all times and are expected to find your own way to the clinic, book your own accommodation, and take the S-Bahn to get there.

Hair Transplant Germany vs Turkey Conclusion


Both countries compared from all angles in terms of undergoing a hair transplant operation, Turkey is clearly the gold medalist.

Octoberfest is probably a better reason to travel to Germany than a hair transplant.

You might as well reap the benefits of what is provided by one of the world’s leaders in medical hospitality for a lot less than you would spend on the surgery alone in Germany.