6000 grafts hair transplant at heva clinic istanbul

If you have been suffering from hair loss and are curious about the hair transplant options, the question how many grafts do I need for a full head of hair? has probably occurred to you as well.

Many people who want to experience the impressive results of hair transplants want to know whether it is an achievable dream or not. Thanks to the improved hair transplant technique and procedures, today it is possible to come back from even advanced levels of hair loss.

6000 grafts hair transplant is one of the most impactful hair transplant operations that can improve hair density dramatically.

6000 grafts hair transplant procedure can treat hair loss as advanced as the Norwood 6 level. The Norwood scale is a classification system that categorizes hair loss stages according to the specific features and advancement. At the Norwood 6 stage, there is hardly any hair on top of the head. Such severe cases require a high number of hair grafts to be transplanted in order to achieve a satisfactory result.

Who is eligible for a 6000 grafts hair transplant?

stage 6 norwood hair loss scale

In order to be eligible, your donor area must contain a sufficient number of healthy hair grafts. If the donor area is not healthy enough or doesn’t have sufficient donor grafts, it is not possible to perform a successful 6000 grafts hair transplant and treat Norwood 6 hair loss. Your surgeon needs to analyse the back side of your head to decide whether you are eligible or not. You can contact us to have a free medical consultation.

Also, you should show good general health and should not have an anesthesia allergy to be eligible for a hair transplant procedure.

What is the 6000 grafts hair transplant procedure?

The 6000 grafts hair transplant procedure is usually performed following the FUE technique.

4000 hair transplant process step by step

This procedure involves individually extracting hair grafts from the donor area with a manual punch tool. The extracted hair follicles are then collected in a special solution that promotes graft viability.

The recipient area is first prepared for the implantation procedure by creating micro-incisions. These incisions are non-invasive micro pockets that will serve as the new home of transplanted grafts. Your surgeon will carefully create these incisions to ensure a balanced and natural look.

The extracted hair grafts are then implanted into the recipient area. Your surgeon will end the procedure by placing a light covering where necessary.

6000 graft hair transplant result Norwood 7

How long does a 6000 grafts hair transplant operation take?

Transplanting 6000 grafts is a fairly complex process. Each hair graft should be transplanted by paying attention to the direction and the growth angle of the hair follicles. All that attention to detail is crucial for achieving a satisfactory result and a natural appearance. This is why 6000 grafts hair transplant operation can take a longer time. Generally, one hair transplant session takes 7 hours; spread over 2 sessions, a 6000 grafts hair transplant operation can take up 14 hours in total.

What is the cost of 6000 grafts hair transplant operation in Turkey?

Finding a good hair transplant team and a surgeon for a complicated hair transplant operation can be challenging. 6000 grafts hair transplant operation requires immense experience. Hair clinics in Turkey are well known for successful hair transplant operations. Surgeons and hair transplant clinics in Turkey are also quite experienced in extensive hair transplant procedures such as 6000 grafts hair transplant operations.

Because this operation requires speciality, the cost can be high. Thankfully, experienced hair transplant teams in Turkey offer great prices in comparison to clinics in other countries in Europe and the USA. The cost of 6000 grafts hair transplant operation in Turkey usually ranges between $2,100 and $4,500.

5200 grafts hair transplant turkey - Norwood 5 male patient



Hair graft is a unit of hair follicles. In hair transplant operations, grafts that contain closely grouped hair follicles are transplanted from the donor to the recipient area. One hair graft can contain 1-6 hair follicles, and it usually contains 2 hair follicles. Read more about what hair graft is.

In average, one graft has 1.8 to 2.2 hair. Therefore, 6000 grafts would contain a total of 10,800 to 13,200 hairs.

Technically, no. At Heva Clinic, we do provide an unshaven FUE hair transplant option. However, for 6000 grafts, it’s recommended to get a shaved operation as the operated area will be bigger and require more care than other operations.