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If you have been following our celebrity hair transplant series, you know that a hair transplant is all pro footballers talk about in the lockers these days. Rio Ferdinand no longer hangs out in the locker room but he’s most certainly infested with the whisper campaign about how hair transplants are transforming lives.

If you struggle with hair loss and have not yet taken action about it, you’re not alone. At some point in your journey, you will come across a message that resonates with your exact problem.

This is a good read for those who have no idea where to begin. May Rio Ferdinand’s hair loss and the remedy he found fit enlighten your way!

Without further due, let’s begin our favorite processes and analyse Rio Ferdinand’s hair comeback. Did he join other celebs who underwent a hair transplant?

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Rio Ferdinand’s Hair Loss

Everyone suffering from hair loss should take responsibility for the consequences of not addressing their hair loss problem.

That’s where we come in with celebrity hair transplant stories like Rio Ferdinand’s in this instance. Ferdinand is of mixed ethnicity and his hair has the predominant characteristics of afro textured hair. Back in the day, he loved his long hair and braids, which may harm hair roots if used irresponsibly.

Notice how he always had a naturally large forehead but that his hairline was in fact receding in the past decade. It wasn’t an alarming recession but once it starts, you never know how much of your hair you’ll lose and how fast.

In fact, when analyzed closely Ferdinand also has diffused hair. Again, it isn’t obvious due to his curly hair type which does a great job in covering up his scalp.

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Has Rio Ferdinand Had A Hair Transplant?

In his active football days, Rio Ferdinand was not only a great talent but also an amazing strategist. This means that he has reliable frameworks that kill undecisiveness problems immediately, which is what hair loss sufferers often have.

Because a hair transplant is a simple method that can help you solve your hair loss issue forever, Ferdinand opted for the obvious solution before even anyone noticed his receding hairline.

He visited one of the reputed hair clinics in Istanbul and got very successful results. An obvious mistake we see so many people committing is to prejudge that hair transplant prices in Istanbul are cheap and thus must be of low quality but Rio Ferdinand didn’t fall into this trap.

Acclaimed hair clinics in Istanbul are where patients who do in-depth research go for a no-risk high-reward hair transplant procedure while they enjoy their savings.

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Has Rio Ferdinand Had Beard Transplant As Well?

Ferdinand was worried about the patchy look of his beard and decided to address the issue while he had the opportunity. A hair and beard transplant in a single session is achievable if the graft count does not require a major procedure.

In Ferdinand’s case, this was the perfect set of circumstances, so he got both a hair transplant and a beard transplant done.

Rio Ferdinand Before And After Hair Transplant

Sometimes it only takes a weekend trip to the best city for hair transplant: Istanbul to feel and look much better. Just the way a simple haircut or a pro-massage does not change our look much, it makes us feel better.

Prior to the hair transplant, many hadn’t noticed Rio Ferdinand’s recession but what’s important is that it was bugging him, and so he took the necessary step to get it fixed.

The difference is in fact clear as day when before and after operation pictures are compared. Ferdinand deserves the Visionary of the Year award for he won’t be worrying about aging-related hair loss when stepping into his fifties.

Rio Ferdinand’s New Hair

Ferdinand’s new hair is like something happened even if nothing happened. He looks and feels much better and more importantly, he will no longer worry about hair loss when everyone else his age does.

rio ferdinand - hair transplant before after result

What Was The Cost Of Rio Ferdinand’s Hair Transplant?

Rio Ferdinand had a minor procedure with around 1500 grafts to fill in his temples and bring his hairline slightly down. Other than the hair transplant, he got his empty patches filled in on his cheeks and around 800 grafts were used to do this.

The reason why we mention these numbers is because the graft number for the prodecure plays a role in calculating the labor that goes into a hair transplant.

You may be surprised to know that high-end hair clinics with very high success rates and excellent patient care in Istanbul aren’t necessarily more expensive than an average hospital. This is because Turkey is an affordable country for those earning in stronger currencies than the Turkish Lira and the affordability includes high-end, private health care.

What Are Other Footballers With Hair Transplants?

Hair transplants had a domino effect on football players and they raced to get their hair done, often exchanging hair clinic numbers in the lockers. Hair transplant is still the number one topic of interest for pro footballers.

This happened as players and the football community were seeing the amazing results of respected football legends like Jurgen Klopp, Antonio Conte, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Wayne Rooney, Rob Holding, and countless others.

rio ferdinand hair transplant before and after

Do You Have Any Plan?

All of you silently suffering from hair loss, we understand your pain points and challenges. It is however under your own control to avoid a daunting blank head as you grow older. The skill, technology, and solution for hair loss are here, transforming lives every day.

When we break down celebrity hair transplant stories, we do this to show you that unlike other expensive cosmetic procedures reserved for the affluent, a hair transplant is achievable for everyone. The key to achieving this transformation is to make the decision and choose a great clinic for your hair transplant.

Take the next step and use your right to a FREE online consultation today with Heva Clinic, one of the top clinics in Istanbul.

Remember that Heva Clinic will be there on the long haul but your hair won’t be, so we urge you to act while you still have healthy donor hair which is the most crucial requirement for a successful hair transplant.