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Our medical team offers narratives of celebrity experiences with hair loss to inspire, encourage, and empower you to transform your own life. Compiled together, these accounts form a valuable resource, showcasing varying success rates and costs associated with addressing hair loss among celebrities.

If you are suffering from hair loss, a useful approach is to go through celebrity experiences like Joe Rogan’s and customize it in a way that will benefit you.

Joe Rogan is the best celebrity to know that life is not all roses and rainbows. The main takeout of his hair loss story is that he didn’t give up and gave it his best.

Without further due, let’s get straight in to see if Joe Rogan joined celebrities with a hair transplant, or did he in fact, start the movement?

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Joe Rogan’s Hair Loss

Born prone to hereditary hair loss, Rogan’s androgenic alopecia is actually very common.

It starts in the early twenties as it did with Rogan. His hair loss was evident as early as age 22 and 23 with an uneven hairline and a sizeable widow’s peak. This was in the 90ies when hair transplant wasn’t really a thing. Rest assured, you are much luckier now compared to the grunge music era.

Also, note that Rogan wasn’t wealthy or famous back then when his hair loss started becoming an issue. Nevertheless, he was determined to make a career in comedy but not as a bald comedian.

Joe rogan failed hair transplant result

Did Joe Rogan Get a Hair Transplant?

Making it a priority, Rogan started chasing hair loss remedies including natural oils and medications that are supposed to support hair growth. None of it seemed to provide him with any results and thus, he opted for the bolder option of a surgical hair transplant in 1993.

It must have been challenging to even find medical professionals who practiced such a procedure back then. Later on in Joe Rogan’s hair transplant almanac, we will see that Rogan made wise and brave decisions but didn’t partner up with the right people.

In 1995 he had a second hair transplant and in years to come, he was to add many others to his hair transplant collectibles.

Joe Rogan’s Hair Transplant Scar

Just like most people who’ve gone through a strip surgery a.k.a. a FUT hair transplant, Joe Rogan has a linear scar on the back of his head. The FUT scar is often not as deep or noticeable and can be easily hidden by keeping hair at certain lengths.

Joe Rogan’s scar, however, looks more like a brain surgery cicatrix. This is because he went searching for the right answer in the wrong places, and kept trusting clumsy actors over and over.

Joe rogan FUT hair transplant scar

Joe Rogan Before and After Hair Transplant

Rogan never really got any results from any of his hair transplants, so he may be the only celebrity who is balder than before after so many hair transplants.

Which Hair Transplant Technique Was Used?

In the 90s the world was unaware that medical advancement in hair transplants would skyrocket later on and that almost everyone who suffers from alopecia could be cured. The Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT=strip surgery) was the only method available in the 1990s and that’s the technique that was used on Rogan.

How Many Grafts Were Transplanted?

This is where it’s crucial to remember that sometimes, less is more. A much more successful and better look could have been achieved with fewer hair grafts on someone like Joe Rogan but too much of his donor hair was wasted.

An estimation of the total grafts transplanted on him would be 2500 grafts give or take as the hair extraction metods were limited in 1990s.

As seen in his example, his hair transplants had adverse outcomes and were ineffective.

Joe rogan hair transplant result before and after

Where Did He Get His Hair Transplant?

Not in a good place but it was in the US. Whether his hair transplants took place in a proper, licensed clinic or not is a question that remains unanswered. Again, remember that at the time of these failed hair transplants, Rogan was not yet a well-off fella.

To our delight, the amount of money spent on a hair transplant no longer sets the threshold to access a top-quality hair transplant. More on this can be found in later sections.

Did Joe Rogan’s Hair Transplant Fail?

Unfortunately, yes.

Rogan’s hair transplant procedures experienced significant setbacks. What really happened was that the latter (and different) surgeons tried to rectify the shortcomings of his initial procedures just to prove unsuccessful, again…

Joe rogan hair transplant before and after

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