9 things to know before hair transplant

If you have decided getting a hair transplant, you might want to know how to maximise the results of your operation. You can find 9 things to do before hair transplant surgery to have a safe and successful journey.

finasteride propecia medicine

1 - Finasteride before hair transplant

Finasteride (Propecia) is considered the most effective approved hair loss medicine. People suffering from male pattern baldness can take at least 1mg per day to stop hair loss and even make their hair thicker. The drug is meant to be used for as long as the one wants their hair. Using finasteride before hair transplant is completely okay; furthermore, it is recommended to keep using it after your hair transplant to maintain your natural hair and freshly designed appearance.

minoxidil spray

2 - Minoxidil before hair transplant

Minoxidil (Rogaine) is an approved over-the-counter drug to slow down hair loss for more than 35 years. If you’re on topical minoxidil and planning to get a hair transplant, our surgeons will kindly ask you to stop using it 3 weeks prior to the surgery.


3 - Smoking before hair transplant

As all medical professionals say, it’s better not to smoke at all but if you are not able to do this, consider stop smoking 5 days before the operation. Smoking constricts capillary vessel that repairs and feeds transplanted hair follicles which may decrease the success rate and long term benefits of your surgery.

alcohol bottle and glass

4 - Alcohol before hair transplant

Alcohol does not affect the success of your end results like smoking however it may increase bleeding during the procedure. Even though it is not recommended, you don’t need to feel guilty if you are drinking responsibly before the surgery.

supplement bottles

5 - Supplements before hair transplant

Do not take any medications that contain ibuprofen, aspirin and blood thinner; also, it is not recommended to take herbs, vitamin B & A that increase blood flow as they all cause increase in bleeding. Reach our medical consultants for further information and always consult your general practitioner first.

head scalp massage

6 - Massage before hair transplant

Scalp flexibility and blood circulation are crucial when it comes to a hair health and transplant surgery. Massage sessions may dilate your vessels and improve scalp flexibility. You may massage your scalp for up to 10 minutes at a time, a couple of times a day.

shaving kit razor and foam

7 - Shaving before the surgery

Do not shave your head before the initial consultation as your hairline will be designed with your current hair by our surgeons. Our clinic will trim your hair just before the operation.

patient wearing clothes

8 - What to wear on the operation day?

It is recommended to wear an open front shirt or a wide neck t-shirt to take off them easily. You can choose your comfortable trousers, socks and shoes for the operation.

breakfast plate

9 - What to eat before the operation

You can eat almost anything that you wish but it is recommended to eat less fatty goods and more carbs. Try to avoid drinking coffee and tea as they contain caffeine. Have a look at the best foods for hair loss.

afro textured hair patient heva clinic

That’s all!

That’s pretty much all for pre-op instructions! You will definitely achieve the best hair transplant results like our patients if you follow the instructions above!

Even though you will take a blood test before the operation, please let our medical consultants know if you have an underlying condition and consult your General Practitioner before making your final decision.