Hair Transplant Korea vs Turkey

There is little doubt that attractiveness, youth, and hair density are related to well-being. In the baldness vs hair argument, the latter is usually the preferred choice. Hair transplant is 100% natural as well as permanent, moreover, because the transplanted hair is your own, it will mature naturally to grey when the time comes.

With the help of this guideline, you can now examine the hair transplantation capabilities of Turkey and Korea from different perspectives. We will go deeper into the costs, surgeons, expertise, success rates, safety, tourism, and ease of travel for both countries so that you can make an informed decision.

Korea, the Asian nation of porcelain-like perfect skin, K-Pop, and kimchi also entered the fierce competition in hair transplant surgeries among other cosmetic surgeries.

We will analyze in this guide if the country is any good to deliver highly effective results in transplanting hair or if there are other countries that are better and cheaper.

While Turkey remains crowned as the best international destination for hair transplant surgeries, let’s explain in further detail what’s on offer in both of these beautiful countries.

1. Costs in Turkey vs Korea

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey vs Korea

While some countries in Asia are cheaper than Europe, the US, Canada, and Australia, Korea has a fairly strong economy and high living costs. Showcasing a highly developed mixed economy, Korea ranks 10th globally and 4th in Asia in terms of nominal GDP. This is positive for Koreans, but it also indicates that it isn’t a cheap place to live or visit.

In a simple comparison; a bottle of Coke costs $1,26 in Korea vs $0,54 in Turkey. In general, the average cost of living in Korea is 148% more expensive than that of Turkey based on the cost of living comparison statistics in 2022.

Similarly, Korea and Turkey both offer high-quality cosmetic interventions, including hair transplant surgery. While the median cost of a hair transplant floats around $6600, in Turkey it averages $2400.

Bear in mind that the total cost of a hair transplant depends on the number of grafts transplanted according to the Norwood scale of baldness of each individual.

2. Surgeons in Turkey vs Korea

Hair Transplant Surgeons in Turkey vs Korea

Safe and clean, hospitals and clinics in Korea attract a high number of cosmetic surgery tourists. While Korean surgeons cater to and specialize in procedures most in demand in Korea, such as lipoplasty and rhinoplasty, hair transplant is a sub-section plastic surgeons in Turkey take seriously.

It isn’t that one destination is better than the other when it comes to general surgeon skills. It’s about the operations in demand specific to every destination. In Korea, the understanding and standards of beauty may be different from the rest of the world and thus the focus is on different aesthetic interventions.

Similarly in Turkey and in the Middle East in general, the number of balding individuals due to ancestral heritage constitutes considerable demand for hair transplant procedures. Surgeons in Turkey therefore not only specialize in hair transplants more but also get to practice significantly more than their foreign peers.

3. Medical Expertise in Turkey vs Korea

Hair Transplant Expertise in Turkey vs Korea

Statistics demonstrate that the history of competence in Korea in the particular subject of hair transplants is constrained to that of Turkey’s lengthy history.

It’s always a good idea to do your own research and find out about what’s happening backstage during hair transplant surgeries so that you can ask informed questions to the hair transplant clinics you have shortlisted. Remember that your surgeon’s experience and skill are the most crucial factors.

4. Hair Transplant Results in Turkey vs Korea

Hair Transplant Results in Turkey vs Korea

The graft survival rate is the most crucial element in a successful hair transplant. You may therefore want to read the evaluations of real patients who have undergone the procedure and find before after hair transplants photos similar to your case. This is a good place to start when evaluating the results of hair transplants, regardless of country statistics about their success rates.

Clinic reviews are usually reliable, and you can even ask for the contact information of former patients to ask your heart out.

5. Safety in Turkey vs Korea

Overall Safety in Turkey vs Korea

Despite Korea being extremly safe, both countries are considered safe to travel with friendly enough local cultures that also leave ample distance for personal space. What this means is that it is highly likely that there’s a random stranger to help you if the need arose.

It may be due to the fact that these two countries have quite a few cultural features in common such as respecting their elders as well as their home, by taking off shoes when entering for instance. We won’t get deep into an anthropological analysis but these cultural traits say a lot when it comes to performing a safety scan.

6. Tourism in Turkey vs Korea

Tourism in Turkey vs Korea

Both countries have a lot to offer from their cultural heritage to modern history, art, and rich culinary worlds.

In terms of the number of tourist arrivals though, Turkey has #6 place globally while Korea stands at #16.

7. Traveling to Turkey vs Korea

Traveling to Turkey vs Korea

You can probably find a direct flight to Turkey from anywhere in the world with Turkish Airlines being the leading airline with a fleet that flies the highest number of direct flights.

This may not be the case to reach Korea. Depending on where you are traveling from, you are highly likely to transit through London, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Dubai, Doha, or another hub to make it to Seoul.


After an in-depth analysis and carefully weighing both countries from distinct points of view for a hair transplant operation, Turkey seems to be the titleholder.

It’s important to keep in mind that not every surgeon or clinic in Turkey or Korea is the same. To find the best options for your hair type and to prevent a possible hair transplant failure, you need to do extensive research.

You will come across a sea of information most of which will direct you to Turkey anyways because the country tops the list of international destinations for hair transplant surgeries with the highest number of patients globally. Also, affordable hair transplant prices in Turkey makes the comparison easy to conclude.